Justhost.com provides a wide range of features that are ideal for small business owners and individuals alike. Anyone searching for an affordable hosting plan that offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and support will find Justhost.com has exactly what they are looking for at a price that is difficult to beat. Heralded by users for its customer service and intuitive technology, the company has numerous accolades under its belt, including the UNIX Web Hosting Award, which it has won several times.

Found in 2007, JustHost.com is an international company with offices in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. Although considered “new,” it is backed by professionals with years of service. Testament to its leading status in the industry is found not only in the awards it has won, but also in the fact it already boasted more than 50,000 customers by May 2009. Justhost’s professional web hosting comes with a free domain for life, free site builder, unlimited GB’s of space and unlimited transfer, among other features. Starting at just $3.75 a month, Justhost’s plans pack a lot of power into an affordable price tag.
Business owners will find the e-Commerce support offered by Justhost is exactly what is needed to create and back a topnotch online sales site. From SSL Secure Serve and the Agora Shopping Cart to password protection for directories and more, functionality is provided every step of the way by Justhost.

Reliability & Performance

Justhost’s reliability and performance ratings are among the very best in the industry. The company’s owes these ratings to the state-of-the-art technology it uses for load balancing and its incredibly fast backbone connections. Load balancing enables a site to be available from multiple servers at once. This means if one goes down, for whatever reason, the site will remain live on another server. This essentially eliminates the chance for downtime. The company uses quad processor performance servers, a Linux operating system, OC-96 backbone connection and other advanced technologies to ensure its customers get online and stay that way.
In addition to the reliability of its infrastructure, Justhost makes sure its clients have access to the features they need to make their sites perform. Accounts offers such features as unlimited bandwidth, e-mail accounts, subdomains, SSL secure serve, OS Commerce shopping carts, PayPal support and more. Justhost also offers Real Audio and Video support, Flash support and other key features to lend its sites the multimedia effects necessary to stand out on the web.


The pricing offered by Justhost is designed to make certain customers on a budget can get the features and service they need without worry. The company offers two plans – the JustPlan and the JustPlan Premium. The former costs $2.25 a month and includes a variety of features, including unlimited disk space, 24/7 support, unlimited hosted domains and bandwidth and a single domain for life. The premium plan offers all the same features for $6.95 a month, but also includes three free domains for life.
Customers who already have a domain up and running are offered a number of incentives to make the switch to Justhost. In addition to the excellent reliability and performance provided, customers will receive a free domain transfer. The free domain for life offer extends to transfers, as well.

Control panel

Justhost prides itself on the intuitiveness of its control panel. Using the award-winning cPanel technology, the company enables its clients to easily interface with their sites. The user friendly panel is designed to make site management a breeze. Its functions include the ability to handle all domain management needs, site statistics, database management and configuration of e-mail accounts. Justhost prides itself on the simplicity of use its technology provides clients while still giving them access to the features they need to create and manage topnotch sites.

Customer support

Justhost is lauded by customers for the outstanding support it offers. The company provides 24/7 access to telephone and e-mail support. Its e-mail response times are typically under 20 minutes and on-hold time through telephone support is generally under 3 minutes. In addition, it offers around-the-clock live support within the cPanel interface. Customers also have access to video tutorials and an ever-expanding knowledge-base. Complementing up its exemplary customer service, Justhost provides clients with a money-back guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with service or performance, they will receive a refund for the remainder of their term.

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