Web hosting providers are a dime a dozen. Most claim to be among the best. When the discussion turns to iPage, the claims are not just hot air. The company’s tagline is “Everything web, made easy.” After trying out iPage, it’s clear these are not just empty words. The company’s main offering is dubbed “The Essential.” This package has everything you could possibly want in a shared hosting plan. To sweeten the deal, the tools are simple enough to allow novices to get started online very easy.

iPage’s team has been providing web hosting service for more than 10 years. This fact shows in “The Essential,” which truly does offer everything a beginner or even a veteran would need to get a solid, functional and attractive site up and running. The package includes such features as unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains, MySQL databases, and even enhanced security. The price of admission even comes with the ability to personalize one domain name for free. Coming with an anytime money-back guarantee at a low monthly price, this package is a real financial boon.

The iPage.com package doesn’t end with disk space and domains either. It also offers a number of e-mail, eCommerce and marketing and promotion features. Users enjoy unlimited e-mail accounts, spam filtering and even access to a website builder that produces great looking pages with ease. The commerce features include a choice of shopping carts and shared SSL, among other things.

iPage.com is also a leader in the green movement. The company offsets its carbon emissions with renewable energy credits that are used to generate wind energy. This commitment to going green prevents the release of some 2,660 metric tons of carbon each year. Beyond its green status, iPage has also garnered industry honors. It was, for example, the Best Support Hosting winner by Consumer Rankings for 2009.

When a full-service package from a company that knows its stuff is desired, iPage.com delivers. “The Essential” is just that.

Reliability & Performance

While “The Essential” sounds great, no package is worth any price if the reliability and performance aren’t there. On this front, iPage.com again delivers. To ensure its customers stay online, the company has two data centers in the Boston area. Combined they take up more than 2,400 square feet of space and include more than 800 servers with half a Petabyte of storage. Both center has security around the clock and runs on N+1 power. The front-end network consists of dual redundant M71 routers and has two firewalls incorporating IDP technology cross-connected to the outside world with BGP border gateway protocol.
To make sure site data is properly parsed, iPage.com uses dual Big Iron load balancers. These are managed by DELL servers. The entire system is clustered to ensure that if a primary unit crashes another will take over seamlessly so customers can stay online.


iPage’s pricing is incredible considering everything that comes with it. The base price is $3.95 for a year term and $1.99 for a 2-3 year plan. It does come with the money-back guarantee.
Included in the price is a free site-building tool that’s template-based. This means users don’t have to know HTML, or anything at all, to use it. All they have to do is pick out the design and enter their content. Don’t sweat the word “template” either. Sites made with this tool don’t have to look generic. There are more than 100 professionally designed templates to pick from. Also, if a full website doesn’t appeal, iPage does offer a blog version of its hosting plan. This includes a WordPress installation wizard, which also comes with “The Essential.” The wizard walks users through the entire process of setting up a blog. iPage.com even handles setting up the database to support a blog.

Control panel

iPage.com is not your average web hosting provider. This shows in everything from its features and pricing right down to its control panel. Rather than use the common cPanel, iPage has opted to go with the vDeck. This panel takes the phrase “easy to use” to a whole new level. It incorporates dozens of tools to make it simple for users to handle every website management task thinkable. Through this panel, users can fully manager their site, keep track of all their accounts, add on a variety of scripts, take advantage of iPage offers, get system updates and more. While it’s not the standard interface, the vDeck has enough bells and whistles to make cPanel users jealous.

Customer support

As great as the service package and adds ons are, the real star of the iPage show is the customer support team. This company advertises that it answers its phones in two minutes or less, on average, and it does. Staff comes across as friendly and knowledgeable and everyone is based right here in North America. If talking to an off-shore representative concerns you, this just won’t be a concern with iPage.com. To top this off, the company offers both its phone and online chat services around the clock, seven days a week. They are there any time you need them.

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