Best WordPress hosting providers

Best WOrdpress Hosting


Bluehost provides a free domain for one year. with their plan for WordPress users. They guarantee an uptime of 99.99% and in the last 12 months, their servers have undergone only minor outages. A free SSL certificate is also included in their plan. Their 390ms page loading speed is awesome. They claim 24/7 live chat assistance. 


The “WordPress Hosting.” the plan of HostGator is quite popular among high traffic generating websites. Their 369 ms page loading speed is slower than most providers. The uptime is also more than 99.99%. Their servers faced outages for only 22 minutes in the entire previous year. They also offer free site transfers and data backups. 


Hostinger has data centers in the USA, Asia, and Europe so it is the best option for international users. Their load time of 339 ms is the second-best among all providers. However, they lack uptime with 99.93%. They too provide a free SSL certificate and also a free email account. Their starting plan offers 100GB of bandwidth. 


WordPress officially recommends SiteGround. Their WordPress Hosting provides free WordPress site transfers. Their uptime is as high up to 99.99% but the page loading speed is a bit low at 629 ms.their package includes Google cloud servers, a  free SSL certificate, and a free email. Additional features like free CDN (for caching) and image optimizations make it attractive. 

A2 Hosting

We consider A2Hosting to be the fastest page load time, pages load almost instantly with a 295ms speed. Their plan includes a free Cloudflare CDN, coupled with unlimited SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth. They allow the users to change server locations from the USA to Europe. However, their uptime is slightly low with 99.93%.


Their servers are located in the USA, Europe, and Canada. They provide a free SSL certificate, free CDN, unlimited email accounts which most others don’t provide. Their WordPress plans include uncontested bandwidth, and unlimited SSD storage as well. 


Similar to Hostinger, Site5 has its default data center is set as the USA, which cannot change. They provide free site transfers and One-click installation for WordPress. Their uptime is impressive and the load time is 575 ms. It is a bit costly. 


After Siteground, WordPress also recommends Dr has recommended DreamHost on their website. They offer the Shared, Managed, and VPS plans. Their plans include a free SSL certificate and SSD storage. They offer uncontested bandwidth. Their uptime is quite low but has good page loading speed at  569 ms. 


WordPress is pre-installed with their package. Like others, they too offer unlimited bandwidth with unlimited storage. They provide unlimited email accounts. Their uptime is 99.95 and speed is 767 ms. 


They have an uptime of 99.94ms and a page load time of 709 ms which aren’t very encouraging. However, they offer a Free domain, with unlimited storage and uncontested bandwidth. 

A free SSL certificate is provided with a 30 days money-back guarantee. However, you cannot change the default data center.