Best Cloud Hosting Providers – Best & Cheap Cloud Hosting To Buy In 2020

Know the best cloud hosting services that might suit your online business need.

Best Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has become a new trend. One of the reasons why is; It is affordable and gives performance similar to a VPS hosting. Above that, their incredible speed performance makes your website load even faster for your users. For any growing business, Cloud hosting is quite a reliable solution. Hence, we are providing some of the best cloud hosting providers we have tested so far.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers To Buy In 2020

A2 Hosting:

Aarguably the best when it comes to cloud services. They provide 250GB of free cloud storage, 12 cores CPU, and 32GB of RAM. They offer a money-back guarantee, they offer unlimited websites and a free backup facility. However, they don’t provide free domain. 


HostGator is one of the most attractive providers in this list with the facility of uncontested bandwidth and free backups. They provide unlimited storage space with a 45 days money-back guarantee. However, they don’t offer root access and a free domain with their plans. 


InMotison hosting has a quite good uptime of 99.98%. They offer Fault-tolerant 75 GB SSD – 260 GB SSD storage depending upon the plan selected. The domain is free for a year, and 8GB of RAM is provided. The Control panel is provided with the choice to switch to Linux OS. They provide root access as well. 


Cloudways has over 25 servers at different places in the world. They provide bandwidth up to 10 TB and storage space available with the basic version is 25 GB. There are certain limitations as well as they don’t provide free backups, free domain name, No Root access is given. Also, they don’t offer any money-back guarantee. 


Their uptime is a bit low at 99.95% but at the same time the average downtime per year us only 4.5 hours which is quite decent. They provide free backup with storage space ranging between 20-1000GB. They even allow users to set their IP location. 


With an uptime of 99.98% Siteground is a great option, they provide a free backup facility. Their bandwidth is 5TB with a storage of 40GB with the basic plan. They do offer a money-back guarantee for the initial 15 days. 


One of the best marketing strategies used here by Hostwinds is labeling them as the affordable plans that come with an unbelievable money-back guarantee of 60 days. They provide storage of 30GB with the basic plan and bandwidth of 1TB for a price point of $0.006931/ hour which turns out to be a decent price for a startup business. They provide root access, however, free domain and free backups aren’t provided. 


Their features are quite appealing too. They offer unmetered bandwidth, with their plans. They offer the storage of 100 GB which is way more than most of the providers. They provide free backups for WordPress sites and full root access. However, any money-back guarantee isn’t provided so invest wisely. 

1&1 IONOS:

With unique name 1&1 IONOS, they offer decent features at affordable prices. They provide 160 GB storage with their best plan. They offer Unlimited bandwidth with Windows and Linux server type. Their uptime is seriously good at 99.99%.


Great for Indian users, with the features of  Instant scalability and one-click installation. They offer unmetered bandwidth. Their best plan offers 8 CPU cores with 8 GB RAM. The number of websites supported is 1 but the storage space offered is 10GB. However, free backups aren’t provided.