Types Of Web Hosting That You Must Know


Did you know that there were multiple types of webhosting services that you can choose from? Finding the best webhosting for your company is not as easy as you think, especially when you are presented with multiple formats of webhosting. What is the best webhosting for your business? Read through these descriptions to help you decide.

What Are The Different Type Of Web Hosting?

Shared Web Hosting

Probably the most commonly used best webhosting today is shared webhosting. It is also known as virtual and mass hosting. Shared webhosting means that your website shares a server with other webhosting customers. The best webhosting company owns all of the equipment. The servers are partitioned so that they act like a dedicated server. The downfall of this type of webhosting is that the server may or may not support certain website coding languages or applications. It is less expensive than dedicated webhosting.

Dedicated Hosting

The best webhosting for any website is dedicated webhosting. In this type of service you pay for an entire server to be dedicated to your website. The webhosting company still owns and maintains the equipment and they are responsible to monitor it as well as perform maintenance on it. You are responsible for all of the business processes, strategic directions, content, applications and debugging of the files on your server.

Managed Server Hosting

Also known as self-managed webhosting, root webhosting offers you a dedicated server from the webhosting company. However you are able to access the root directory of the server as well as other areas of the server you rent that are not accessible to you in the other types webhosting that is available. This is the best webhosting for companies who have employees who are capable of backing up files, upgrading software, maintaining protection applications, etc. The best webhosting company still provides all of the hardware and installation files as well as the platform it all runs on. You provide the rest.

Choosing the best webhosting plan for your company takes time and research. The above three types of webhosting are the best webhosting plans available. Each one offers you more options than free webhosting and almost every best webhosting site on the internet have these three types of plans available.

Take a look at the size of your website and decide what your needs are in order to determine what the best webhosting plan will be for you. You always have the option to upgrade at a later time if you need to.