The Best Webhosting Sites Offer 99% Uptime


Uptime. It is a small word that has big meaning when it comes to finding the best webhosting sites on the internet. If you are the owner of a website, be it commercial or personal, then uptime is a big consideration. You want your website available to your visitors at all time. If a webhosting company cannot give you the 99% uptime they offer in their advertisements, then they are not the best webhosting site for you.

When you are researching the best webhosting sites for your website you need to make sure the company can meet their promises. One thing you can ask when considering a company’s services is how long their servers have been operating without a problem. The longer a server runs without any issues, the better chance you will have of getting uptime at 99%. The only time the best webhosting sites servers should be down is when scheduled maintenance is being performed.

Scheduled downtime is when the best webhosting company takes their servers offline in order to perform some form of maintenance. This can include but is not limited to upgrading software or components, applying security patches, updating equipment, and installing software. As the owner of the website you will get advanced notification of the scheduled downtime which will allow you to contact your customers and let them know what is taking place.

Occasionally unscheduled downtime does occur. If the best webhost sites are on the ball, this will happen very rarely. Hardware malfunction, malicious hacking attempts, and software incompatibility issues are the most common causes of unscheduled downtime and the best webhosting sites should contact you immediately to let you know how long they expect the problem to last. If the company is properly run there should never be an unscheduled downtime due to overloaded servers.

Most of the best webhosting sites employ staff that monitors their servers 24 hours a day, seven days a week to stave off unscheduled downtime. Depending on how big the best webhosting sites you use are will determine whether or not they have monitoring equipment inside and outside their data centers. They should also have redundant backup servers in place in the event the main server goes offline. These backup servers ensure that your website does not go offline while repairs are being made.

When you consider the best webhosting sites that are available on the internet for your website carefully investigate their uptime figures. Do not be afraid to ask them how they handle both scheduled and unscheduled downtime and what kind of system they have in place in the event that the main server goes down. The best webhosting sites will have no problem sharing this information with you