How To Making Money With Reseller Web Hosting?


Anyone that thinks they need a ton of expensive computer equipment and an extensive amount of programming experience to launch a website hosting company likely hasn’t heard of reseller web hosting offers. These package deals enable anyone to create and launch their own web hosting firm, using another company’s equipment and services to provide the power behind the operation.

Cheap reseller web hosting offers are very similar to affiliate marketing campaigns with a few twists. Rather than pre-sell clients with web pages and information, hoping they’ll click through and buy a product or service, reselling takes the effort to the next level. Instead of sending a customer off to a different site, a reseller actually sells the hosting service, which is then provided by the initiating firm. The actual providing service obtains fees from the reseller for the services rendered, but the reseller actually collects and keeps monthly charges from his or her clients that have been set up online.

Cheap reseller web hosting packages are widely available on the Internet. While they might seem a little odd on the surface, the method behind the madness is brilliant. Rather than a hosting company having to pay for tons of advertising, it relies on its resellers to drum up business. In return, the hosting company gets paid, the reseller earns money and the clients get the web sites they desire. All in all, it is a win-win for everyone involved.

Know How To Make Money With Reseller Hosting

While actual perks that go along with reseller web hosting packages will vary from provider to provider, some of the basic features include:

  • Business set up support. Some of the best reseller web hosting deals come with all the tools and information a reseller will need to launch their own business. This can include a client tracking system, invoicing system and more. In addition, the backend programs for managing operations are typically also provided.
  • Domain name registration help. Hosting companies that offer reseller web hosting deals typically offer their clients and their clients’ clients access to domain name registration services. Some even provide free transfers of domain names to the new hosting service.
  • Site design help. The betterreseller web hosting offers also come with site building tools so clients’ clients can create and launch their web sites easily.
  • Storage, bandwidth capacity. Since resellers will be selling hosting space, it makes sense the packages come with a rather large amount of bandwidth and storage space. Clients can expect the better offers for reseller hosting packages to include enough power to meet their own needs and their customers’ requirements, as well.
  • Customer service. Since the hosting companies that offer resale packages benefit from the sales their clients make, many bend over backwards to help clients with extensive customer service support.

Cheap reseller web hosting offers provide a unique way to make money off the Internet. When this potential is looked at more closely it does make a great deal of sense. In essence, resellers are subletting online capacity provided by a host to their own clients. The moneymaking potential can be quite favorable, too. This is especially so if a reputable host is offering the deal.