hostmonster web hosting review


After a quick visit to the HostMoster’s professional looking website, you will quickly discover why they are among the best. Now in their 11th year of business, HostMonster provides hosting packages for businesses and individuals that want high-powered, but affordable web hosting services. The values of this company are what make them a great choice for anyone, with focus on the highest level of customer service and hardware, maximum uptime guarantee, and the most functional set of tools for administration. HostMosnter is a great choice for all your web hosting needs.


Reliability & Performance

If you are concerned about Reliability and Performance, you have nothing to worry about using HostMonster. With the use of high quality, high performance Quad Opteron Servers, Customized Apache web server and UPS power backup, HostMonster provides the best for their customers. On top of the great equipment and power backup used by HostMonster, the servers are monitored 24/7 and are connected to an OC-48 Backbone Connection to provide the highest level of performance and reliability possible. Did we mention that they have an uptime guarantee?


Perhaps the best feature of the HostMonster web hosting services is the price. For only several dollars a month, you receive countless high quality services. HostMonster also offers free setup and a free domain name. Like most expensive web hosting companies, HostMonster also includes UnLimited server space and UnLimited monthly transfer limit. Not only that, but once you become a customer, you will be given numerous free email accounts and access to an unlimited amount of free technical support.

Control panel

The fantastic web based control panel gives you control over every single aspect of your website and more. A full set of web site monitoring tools help you to analyze the success of your web site and help you determine areas that can be improved on. Not only that, but through their partners and promotions menu, you have access to a free shopping cart for your web site. That’s right, you can accept credit cards on from your website customers and it is free to set up! If you want to see the countless control panel features for yourself, visit the HostMonster website. They have provided a complete demo control panel for you to explore, giving you a full demonstration of the administration power you will have over your website before you even become a customer.

Customer support

Customer support is a large part of what makes HostMonster so successful. You have full access to a large variety of resources to help you get on track. A quick visit to HostMonster’s Help Center will quickly provide you with answers to the most common problems. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, the Help Center also provides a feature that allows you to create a help ticket for support. Once you have created your ticket, you can also track it’s progress and a history of any other tickets you have opened in the past. If that is not enough, HostMonster also provides a toll free 24/7 technical support line so that you can speak directly to a support technician. These high class support features on a web hosting account that is a fraction of the cost of other web hosting plans makes HostMonster a fantastic choice for everyone!