FatCow Web Hosting Review

FatCow Hosting

From its quirky name right down to its simple and reliable plans, Fatcow.com sets itself apart from the competition. In operation since 1998, this is a web hosting provider that’s been around the block and knows how to deliver service to individuals and small business owners alike. Anyone on the hunt for an economical hosting plan that delivers support, ease of use and flexibility will discover Fatcow.com provides these things with no “bull” attached.

The company puts a strong emphasis on customer service and even provides a “green” alternative to other hosting providers. It operates on wind power in its offices and data centers by using renewable energy certificates to offset any electric use. It also encourages staff members to do things like bike into work or take public transportation.

While going green is part of Fatcow.com’s philosophy, customer service is its real driving force. This company has earned a number of accolades for its superior web hosting service. It was named the 2009 Host of the Year by Hosting Review, was Top 10 Hosting List’s Top Rated Host of 2009 and was named the 2009 Host of the Year in The 10 Best Hosts Awards program. It also received honors as the Best Budget Hosting winner in 2006. This honor was bestowed by Hosting Review.

Although exact customer figures are not available, Fatcow.com reported a 29 percent increase in its customer base during the first quarter of 2009. The company offers its customers access to a variety of services, including web hosting, web site management, domain registration, e-mail services and e-commerce services. It also offers marketing services and scripting and site add-ons. Its “Original FatCow Plan” (the only one it offers) costs $44 a year normally, but promotions drop the price to about $28 a year ($3.15 a month).

The original plan comes with a number of standout features. They include unlimited disk space, bandwidth, POP mailboxes and FTP users and sub-users. This plan also includes a free domain name, web site builder, script barn and more. With SSL secure server and shopping cart access also included, it’s a well-rounded plan for business owners and individual users alike.

Reliability & Performance

Fatcow’s reliability and performance ratings are among the tops in the industry. The company has earned these ratings by combining topnotch technology with superior customer service. It operates two data centers in Boston, Massachusetts, that occupy more than 2,400-square-feet of space. They include more than 800 servers with a combined total of about a half of a petabyte in storage. Both data centers run on N+1 power. The front-end network includes dual redundant M71 routers and two firewalls incorporating IDP technology cross-connected with a BGP border gateway protocol. Site data is parsed with dual Big Iron load balancers and is managed by DELL servers and is backed by a Linux operating system.

Beyond its dual data centers, Fatcow.com also delivers in regard to features for web site functionality. The single-price plan offers unlimited domain pointing, tons of online selling features, registrar transfer, phpBB, WordPress, Gallery2 and Joomla support, among others.


Fatcow.com likes to keep its pricing as uncomplicated as possible. $3.15 a month for 3 years term, $3.15 a month for 2 years term and $3.67 for 1 year term. This is the only plan FatCow offers. This includes no setup fees, unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains per account, among other perks.

To ensure the price is worth every penny, the company does offer a 30-day guarantee. In addition, it offers its clients Carbonite online backup service of up to 2GB free for a year.


Control panel

In keeping with its no-hassle, no-bull mantra, the control panel offered by Fatcow.com is easy to use. The customized panel is similar to cPanel technology, but has Fatcow’s own unique twists. The intuitive panel is meant to make site management a breeze for customers no matter how much or how little experience they have. The panel is the go-to place for all domain management needs, including configuration of e-mail accounts, database management and more.

To further assist customers who desire simplicity, Fatcow uses SiteDelux as its site builder. This point-and-click program enables people to build their own professional sites in about an hour using template-driven technology.

Customer support
When it comes to customer service, Fatcow doesn’t horse around. It provides 24/7 access to support via chat, e-mail and telephone. Following its own “HeiferCratic Oath”, the company promises to deliver topnotch customer service that includes a two-minute answer time on calls, fast issue resolution and a dedication to constantly improve the service offered to customers. The company backs up its service promise with a money-back guarantee.